Things I don't like:


If you ask for a discount or want to haggle, you're reaching out to the wrong girl. Rates are definitively posted on this site. I find it garish and rather tasteless when you try to "bargain hunt". Culturally, I'm not one who understands this concept and I firmly believe there are just some things you don't want to get on sale. Be reasonable and a real gentleman. I'm a good old fashioned naughty sweetheart. Please have your references handy for verification. TER or P411 handle with extensive whitelisting will grab rapid reservations. I personally screen everyone. 

I ask all clients to shower at my incall before activity. I provide an extensive array of toiletries and fresh linens for your comfort. All donations must be placed in envelope at begining of session. 

So there you have it. If you find this intriguing and informative, kindly take the next step and fill out the screening page or text for immediate response. Please have your references ready. I look forward to meeting you and sharing an unforgettable experience. 

No flakes. I have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who cancels. Force Majeur being the exception and you better prove it!

I can be quite playful but we should discuss such matters during our screening if you have a special fantasy you would like fulfilled. 

I will not take calls outside of business hours. If you're texting at 3AM, I'm banning you. End of story.