Are We There Yet?

13 Jul, 2017

I'm back in town. It's always so good to be home. Have you been traveling? 



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Summertime Summertime

14 Jun, 2017

Hi Guys, 


It's your little Korean American playmate here. Just checking in to say I'm doing well and looking forward to meeting you. Let's see this past month or so I went to see Jean Michel Jarre's concert- OMG so amazacrazy. This is a true showman. The stagecraft was just mindblowing! To think he did this in the '70s! Technology has just caught up with his vision and it's executed so well. I've been to a lot of shows but this one was probably the best live concert experience ever. I also got a new tattoo and it's healing up nicely. Perhaps you'll visit and see how awesome it is! 


OK, see you around my lovelies...





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Europa Europa- Birthday Girl

24 May, 2017

Hi Guys, 

My birthday is coming up! I'm celebrating all month, of course. Hopefully you will be celebrating with me...

I've been back for a few weeks in my lovely little love nest in West LA. I am missing my luxury vagabond existence in Europe. Alas, I'm very happy to be back. I took a few days off to treat myself to an early birthday present- a tour of Paisley Park, home of Prince's studio and creative playground. I highly recommend this if you're in Minneapolis and you're a huge Prince fan! 

I'm hitting the road a bit this summer with some Eastern USA dates so please pre-book. I would love to meet you in Boston, New York and Chicago. I'm happy to bring the hot hot hot sweet little Parker experience to you. :)

As always, stay in touch and don't be shy. I'm a good girl gone bad but I'm still little, ole me. 

Love to you all, 





My First Photo Shoot and Update

14 May, 2017

Hi Guys, 


It's been awhile since I checked in. Well, I'm back from my whirlwind adventures in Europe. It was a month of art, music, dance, food, history and every single wish and desire fulfilled. I can't thank my clients enough for making my travel dreams come true for me. 

I just did a photo shoot with City Source and I'm so grateful for them. It's about time I took some serious professional pics. Please go to the Photos section and enjoy. I'll still post up casual selfies since I love to dress up at home. 

Well, I hope to see you soon. I'm still traveling a bit as May is my birthday month! My gift to myself is a trip to see one of my heroes...I'll update when I return from my "lovesexy" voyage.



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Permanent Record

09 Mar, 2017

I love records. Vinyl. 12" or 7", 33 or 45. I lust for the sound of the needle dropping then the warm soothing sounds eminating from the speakers. 


Lately I've been listening to the band XTC. I enjoy their music because it's very clever yet emotionally distant. I am tired of love songs and ballads about love gone wrong, right or exploding. 


Sometimes, I listen to my giant Seraphim Opera box set and weep. I get that way when I hear Beethoven or Chopin. I prefer to hear piano sonatas and etudes in recital, that's when the tears tend to flow. They are tears of joy- a sense of wonder that humans can rise beyond their limits and create such great art. 


Yes Yes Yes

08 Mar, 2017

Yes to new clients with references and online presence on the social boards! 

Yes to trying new things with consent!

Yes to dressing up and fantasy!

Yes to gifts and presents!

Yes to having fun and making it as comfortable for you as possible!

Yes to seeing you regularly!

Yes to references if you need them after we have established a relationship!

Yes to being the best experiences for both of us!!!



No No No

07 Mar, 2017

No plastic surgery, although I'm considering getting some work done to just crush the competition. If they're doing it, why shouldn't I?

No fake boobs, this might change so enjoy the lovely 34 full B cups while the girls are still here. I'm thinking of moving up to a full C, anything bigger would look comical on my small frame. 

No clockwatching, it's our time and I respect that. You should respect my time too. Whatever time you booked is sacred. 

No guy waiting to come in the next hour, I'm not into the turn and burn. I give myself plenty of time to get ready for you. 

No jerks allowed, any iota of jerkdom gets banned. 

No haggling, the current rate sheet is the most accurate. 


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New Pics Are Up :)

01 Mar, 2017

Hi Guys, 


Hope you like the new pics. Please let me know if you'd like me to update with more pics. I'm thinking of doing a photo of the day. Let me know if that sounds good. 


So, I recently had a client turn me down because I would not send him a face pic. I'm not old and I take very good care of myself.  I'm very guarded about my identity as I have a real life outside of the business. I'm always gonna be your best kept secret. :)


Bye for now!



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Verification Is Your BFF

01 Feb, 2017

Hi Guys, 

Hope you're all doing well this day. It's a lovely and sunny day here in West LA. I wanted to drop some knowledge on potential newbie clients. I think it makes it easier for us to get on with our special adventure together if you're ready to book and you're nervous about it. 

I highly suggest you sign up with TER, P411 or Date Check membership- the more the merrier, or in this case, more legitimate. It's pretty much like being accredited. These are the sites I use to ensure that I see real clients. It's important for my safety and yours to know we are who we say we are. As you can tell from my blog and website, I'm pretty much a straight up, no-nonsense provider that works her little ass off to make sure you're getting the best service possible. I'm an exclusive companion so I don't see many clients in a week. I keep myself in top shape and am proud to show off my affiliation with TER, P411 and Date Check. I have a fair amount of reviews and it's just the beginning!  

So if you're nervous about reaching out, don't be. Make sure you're a member on the sites I mentioned. Provide your screen name/handle so I can research you to make sure you're legit. There is a fair amount of back and forth communication in the beginning so please be patient while I suss you out. It will be worth our while. Promise. :)

Another option is to share your professional website or LinkedIn. Discretion is my mantra and credo so I do not monkey around with your personal info. My business is sacred to me so I protect you and your privacy like a mama hawk! I will sign an NDA if necessary. 

I also LOVE gentlemen who review on TER. If you're the Henry Miller of your scene, I'm happy to meet you! I love guys who can write juicy, mouthwatering details of our encounter because it really lets me know that I'm doing a great job. 

OK, hope this helps you out a bit. I'm happy to answer any questions and take appointments (yes, I book and verify everyone myself.) See ya soon! 



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Vancouver Mellencamp

26 Jan, 2017

Yes! I made it back- barely. I almost had a heart attack/mental breakdown at the border due to some bad legal advice I got. They almost didn't let me back home! Ah, yes, home, Los Angeles; the queen of all vapid beauties and silicone yoginis. After I sorted myself out with Immigration, I made a bee line for my love nest where I had an affection session with one of my favorite clients. He came to pick me up at the airport. It's times like these that I feel so grateful for my industry. While reports of the country going to the shitter gets posted every second, my reality displays kindness, sensitivity, generosity, warmth and caring on all levels from my clients. As strange as it may sound, this industry is keeping me from becoming a complete misanthrope during these uncertain times.

I always feared some of my clients would turn out to be absolute monsters but it's definitely not the case. In all actuality, my clients are even better than many of my boyfriends from the past. You guys make my life very fulfilling by supporting my deams of world travel and financial independence. No matter how hard I worked in the corporate world, I was never able to achieve the level of security I attained through this industry. With that in mind, I want you to know that all my clients are special to me. You are all the greatest source of happiness I could have hoped for. The seduction is so real and I just adore that! 

OK, so going back to Canada: it was a great place to visit but not the place for me. I managed to get squired about town by friends in the know. The wining and dining was off the meter up there- there's such a robust restaurant scene. I went to a handful of the finest dining establishments; I got to experience an off menu tasting, played "guess what you're drinking" with the somm, had fabulous sushi (they favor aburi oshi sushi style at the establishment where we dined) and I managed to skirt myself away for decadent junk food indulgences like a Japanese hot dog (yes, wasbabi mayo wins!) and a hearty, cold, rainy day appropriate diner breakfast! 

Whistler was very beautiful and it was a short drive away. Imagine if Mammoth was only 1.5 hour from Los Angeles. The snow sports are king there and many Australians seem to be visiting to bask in the array of extreme adventures to be had. I, on the other hand, favor sipping champagne and eating oysters (no, I didn't get Noro virus.) It's a beautiful space to be in to take in the breathtasking sights, even if you're a casual baby snow bunny like myself.

As ideal as it was to be in a land of social and economic plenty, I yearned for my little art-girl flat back home. Apart from a superstar client that met me up in Van City for an extended date with dinner and "dessert" overlooking the waterfront from his thoroughly modern, sexy "Mr. Grey" hotel room with a floor to ceiling window where I got to show the Pacific Rim my awesome boobs, it was time to come home. 

Well, it's time for your little sweetheart to get back to work. Hopefully I will see you soon. :)

P.S. I heart hockey! Go Canucks!!!

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Miss Parker's Reading List

14 Jan, 2017

This may not be a sexy topic to some of you, but I really appreciate the time I have to read. By read, I mean novels; books, you know those things made with paper with typing on it that rich people have in their study or library. I spent a decade reading how-to's, Wikipedia articles and watching countless YouTube videos on how to do stuff around the office that would tide the staff over until a contractor can come in. While these are all fine and good ways to learn how to do things heuristically, I forgot the solitary bliss found in reading an actual book. It certainly feels like a newfound luxury in this day of instant everything. The minor pagentry of curling up in warm slippers with a luxurious throw around you, sipping hot tea and just poring over the pages of a well written book is something I have come to appreciate tremendously. 

Here are my picks of the reading litter from the previous months: 

Kafka On The Shore by Haruki Murakami (this was my first foray into Murakami- I kept away due to his popularity and accessibility until a client gifted me a few of this lesser known tomes. I was instantly hooked. It reads easily and pales others with it's sheer force of imagination and picturesque passages that read more like a script. Some may find this off-putting but I found it shamelessly cinematic to the core, therefore I respected Marukami's candor and intent.)

The End Of The Affair by Graham Greene- Can anyone so eloquently profess their wrongs with such ardent passion and despair? Yes, Graham Greene can. This is why British men excel in romance; it's not just by physical performance but the rigourous mental ballet involved in snaring one's self into an illicit affair. This tale is WWII's most tragic and quiet atrocity. 

So, are you reading anything worth discussing these days? 


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New Year, New Goals

06 Jan, 2017

This is a year of going after my dreams- travel is a huge priority for me because I've worked in the administrative trenches my entire working life with very little, if any, spoils of labour. I would work 50 hours or more a week just to put a tiny roof over my head. Some weeks, I went without food. It wasn't until I got really desperate to pay the rent that I decided to give the hobby a try. I read a very famous blog by a renowned provider who really got into the intimate details of the business. She was so witty, humourously engaging and her writing style was casual, yet, very informative. With whatever I had left in the bank, I started with a City Vibes ad, some selfies I took of myself in lingerie and here we are a year later. I never thought this business would allow me to fulfill my dreams so quickly. I'm going to Europe this year and I'll be visiting friends around the country. 

I would love to meet you along the way. Adventures and friendships mean so much to me. 




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HI, Welcome to My Blog- Funkadelic

30 Dec, 2016

As this shitty year comes to a close, I'm looking back with gratitude and thanks for all your patronage. You're in a unique class of sophisticated men who always deserve and get the best of me. I've been in the business for a year now and time certainly has flown by. I traveled more than ever in my life this year and I'm looking forward to further adventures in 2017. There have been some truly unforgettable and special dates in my life. You know who you are, keep on shining like the diamonds that you are!

I just saw Parliament Funkadelic last night and I'm still reeling in the funk... I don't know why I never bothered to get funked up. It's amazing what kind of fun awaits you when you least expect it! Automatic, systematic!